Remove wrinkles on the face - At home and naturally

Lizette Intense is effective against wrinkles that form on the face. The "Heating and lifting" function helps to tighten the skin in such a way that natural features such as jawbones appear more clearly while wrinkles become less visible. With Lizette Intense, you don't have to do a cosmetic procedure called Face Lift because LED therapy in combination with EMS vibrations forms elastin which makes your skin lift. Lizette Intense opens up the possibility of doing this facial treatment at home in a safe and cheaper way.

Feel free to use with a sheet mask, face serum or face cream. The face will also feel softer due to the new elasticity that your skin will have after using Intense.

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    "Have been using the machine for about two weeks now. The first thing I noticed was that the skin became smoother. Super satisfied!"

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       "Works better than expected! My acne is almost completely gone now. So happy!"

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    "Very happy with the product! My skin feels smooth and clean after use."