About us

About us at Lizette Skincare
Lizette Skincare is a Swedish company based in Dubai with a focus on beauty and skin care. When Lizette Skincare was started, it was done with the vision of being able to supply the Scandinavian skin care market with a high-end product that both removes and prevents wrinkles, washes the skin deeply and at the same time gives the skin elastic properties. This is something we succeeded in and we are proud to be able to offer you the unique Lizette Intense.

Our product
Lizette Intense was developed when we wanted to introduce a reliable product at a reasonable price in the skin care market for mainly private individuals. Not everyone has the opportunity to do facials at a salon, but we at Lizette believe that everyone has the right to a healthy skin regardless of any circumstances. That's why we created a salon-grade facial machine for home use at a low price. After many hours of work, we have finally been able to launch our product for you. In addition to delivering a safe product, we also want you to feel that you are part of us. That's why we started the Lizette Club, which is our club for those of you who want to get inspiration and tips both for how to use Intense but also for how to make your skin feel good with the help of simple little tricks. We will post YouTube clips and send out newsletters but also offer discounts and gifts exclusively for you who are members of the Lizette Club. Our vision is to build up Lizette Skincare and constantly work to become bigger, which will result in us being able to bring in related products for our machine and other skin care products.


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