Can I use multiple programs during the same session?

It is fine to use several functions during the same session. Just make sure you stay within the 2-3 minute time frame as the total time the machine is allowed to run.

I have botox/fillers on my face, can I use Intense then?

Yes, it's going well.

I have metal implants on my face, can I use Intense then?

We recommend not using Intense over areas where there are metal implants.

I have metal dental implants, can I use Intense then?

We recommend not using Intense over areas where there are metal implants.

Can you use Intense on the neck?

Intense is fine to use on the face and neck, but we recommend not using it on other parts of the body.

How do I clean Intense?

When cleaning the machine head, we recommend using an extremely damp cloth to wipe the machine with.

How is the cleaning program used?

The cleaning program "Clean Detoxification" opens up your pores and cleans your face in depth.

Use the function together with a cleaning wipe or a thinner cotton pad. Attach the napkin to the machine head with the plastic ring provided. Then add toner, make-up remover or cleansing liquid to the napkin. Now press the start button for about 3 seconds and select "Clean Detoxification". Keep your fingers in contact with the sensors on the side of the machine and let the machine go over your face in small circular movements.

My machine does not vibrate, what should I do?

Intense vibrates on contact with the sensors but it is completely normal that it does not vibrate during the entire treatment session. Make sure your hands are completely dry when touching the sensors. Also make sure you are holding the center of the sensors so Intense can detect it.

Is Intense rechargeable?

Yes. Charger is included when buying Intense.

Can I use Intense during pregnancy?

We recommend that you do not use the machine when you are pregnant.

How often can I use it?

The cleaning function can be used daily, but we recommend using the other functions 2-3 times a week for 2-3 minutes at a time. Feel free to focus on one problem area at a time, e.g. perceived laxity in the skin, use "Firming and Lifting" 2-3 times a week for 2-3 minutes until you experience a better result.

Do I have to use cream or serum with the machine?

It is not necessary to use these products in connection with Intense. However, we recommend that you do so. Use serum and cream after using the cleansing function. For other treatment functions, Photorejuvenation, Firming and Lifting and Eye Care, use any serum or cream that suits your skin type. Apply the cream before using the machine so that Intense can help the product sink deeper into the skin while you can do your home treatment. Do not forget to wipe the machine after each use.

For other questions, you are welcome to contact us!